2024 Sports Design Trends

February 1, 2024

A Touch of Blur and Grain

Design is all about evolution, and gradients are the latest to step into the modern era. Gradients have been around forever, but sometimes they can be too flashy or basic. Now, we’re giving them a makeover – a simple twist with a blend of blur, grain, and texture. This updated gradient feels practical, bringing in shadows, smooth background blends, and cool geometric shapes. Perfect for today’s sports design, this trend adds a fresh vibe that’s bound to keep gradients cool for a long time.

Textures & Ink Bleed

Guess what’s back in style? Grunge design – a throwback to the early Web 2.0 days. This trend isn’t just a blast from the past; it’s adding a touch of personality to digital design that flat design was missing.

Now, there’s a cool new trick in town – ink bleed. It gives text a rough or fine edge, making it look like it’s been printed, scanned, and soaked into a paper texture. The result? A vintage, realistic feel that’s making waves in sports social media designs.

Gradient Map

Digital designers have a soft spot for gradients, and who can blame them? Gradients are the go-to for injecting diversity and depth into designs while effortlessly tapping into established color palettes that define brand identity. A skillfully crafted gradient has the power to bring a sense of serenity, smoothly blending colors to perfection. It’s fascinating how even seemingly mismatched colors can come together for a surprising and captivating visual impact.

Liquid Text

In the last year, liquid text has taken the sports design scene by storm. This fresh design element gives designers the freedom to infuse an organic and flowing vibe into text, perfectly mirroring the dynamic and agile nature of sports. Whether it’s highlighting team names, player numbers, or catchy slogans, liquid text adds a unique touch. It’s not just about making an impact; it’s about creating typography that stands out on social media feeds.

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