Johnnies Collective

Crafting Identity for Johnnies Collective-NIL Company

We crafted the logo for Johnnies Collective, an NIL company, as part of our brand identity project. Our goal was to create a cohesive representation for this initiative dedicated to advancing NIL opportunities for St. John’s student athletes

Johnnies Collective

In the process of shaping Johnnies Collective's visual identity, we encountered a unique challenge. With a multitude of ideas and preferences from the Johnnies team, decision-making became intricate. To meet this challenge head-on and ensure satisfaction, we innovatively presented multiple design concepts, offering diverse options that aligned seamlessly with their vision and goals.


The goal of this project was to craft a versatile and impactful visual identity for Johnnies Collective, an NIL company dedicated to advancing opportunities for St. John’s student athletes. Our aim was to capture the essence of their mission, providing a meaningful and cohesive representation that resonates with their commitment to empowering student athletes through NIL opportunities.


We achieved a powerful outcome for Johnnies Collective, delivering a standout hero section design, a memorable logo, and dynamic sports graphics. These elements effectively represent the brand and reinforce Johnnies Collective's dedication to boosting NIL opportunities for St. John’s student athletes.

Shaping comprehensive brand narratives.

Shaping comprehensive brand narratives.

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