Fant Foundation

A meaningful crisp new identity

Meet the new face of Fant Foundation through the refreshed logo! Each curve and color unfolds a positive impact story, benefiting kids in the community.

George Fant

George Fant wanted a fresh look for Fant Foundation. The old one wasn't standing out and struggled on different platforms. We aimed for a versatile and impactful brand identity to better connect with the community.


The goal of this project was clear: to redefine Fant Foundation's visual presence for greater impact and recognition. Through a thoughtfully crafted brand identity, our aim was to create a versatile and resonant representation that reflects the foundation's values of community, growth, and calmness. Our ultimate objective was to empower Fant Foundation to effectively connect with its audience, leaving a lasting impression and fostering positive change in the community it serves.


In response, we embarked on creating a distinct brand identity for Fant Foundation. Leveraging George Fant's initials, we fashioned a circular design incorporating the foundation's name and tagline. This circular motif is a visual representation of community and togetherness. The choice of green signifies growth and rebirth, while the use of white brings in a sense of neutrality and calmness. This thoughtfully designed logo encapsulates the essence of Fant Foundation, making a lasting visual impact across various platforms.

Fant Foundation aims to strengthen and uplift today’s youth in our communities.

Fant Foundation aims to strengthen and uplift today’s youth in our communities.

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